March 21st, 2014.

We’ve been mutually waiting for that exact date for a long time, and I mean a really long time. Ben longer than I, but I sometimes suspect that I might have worried about it more…but that is mere conjecture.

At any rate, the fateful day dawned, folks. Having earlier received a confirmatory email, informing us that Ben had matched to a residency (so proud of him!), we knew that the upcoming five years of our lives would be spent in one of three places: Washington D.C., Grand Rapids Michigan, or Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Everything suddenly felt overwhelmingly real and rushed–and that is what leads us into the following photograph:

Anxiously waiting to receive  Ben's match envelope.

Anxiously waiting to receive
Ben’s match envelope.

Surrounded by teachers, physicians and friends, Ben and I sat together as we waited for him to receive his envelope. It all felt surreal–the day we had anticipated for such a long time was actually unfolding right around us.

Holding our future in our hands!

Holding our future in our hands!

Envelope in hand, we waited for the countdown, and as if it were New Years Eve we verbally counted down until it was time finally to open the envelope. There, printed neatly on an otherwise nearly empty page, were the words, “you have matched to the Allegheny County hospital in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.”

And that was that.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that there was some initial disappointment–Ben’s first pick had been Michigan, and my preference was D.C., but…Pittsburgh? I’ve been researching it extensively since receiving the news (if I’m gonna live there, you can bet I want to know all there is to know about it), and…I’m excited. I never envisioned myself in such a hubub of life, but the more I think about it the more thrilled I become.

Pittsburgh by day...

Pittsburgh by day…

I’ll enclose my pro and con list, to convey a better idea of what we’re in for:


–RESIDENCY–No plan B. necessary–we did it
–low(ish) cost of living
–proximity to all things awesome–New York City, Palmyra, Kirtland Ohio, historic sites, Philly, restaurants, museums, etc,. (specifically, 4 Carniegie museums within the city limits)
–low(ish) crime rates
–Ben can go to cool sport things–yay
–state dog–Great Dane. So…buy me a puppy?
— trader joes
–chipotle. AMEN
–only 4-5 hours away from family (5.5 hours from Taylors, 4.5 from Craguns)
–2 anthro stores…heaven help me
–Hershey park–only 3 hours away–I want to go to there.
–2 stakes–Mormon(ish) population
–lots of bike paths
–only 3.5 hours away from Niagara falls


–uncertain temple proximity? Columbus Ohio temple closest? 3 hours away.
–stupid road signs

Pittsburgh by night...

Pittsburgh by night…

We’re still hashing out all the details, but at this point, I’m just thrilled that the next five years are no longer a mystery. Pittsburgh, here we come!

Ben's pin on the school map--it was almost like a mission call.

Ben’s pin on the school map. Kinda felt like a mission call. 🙂





March roared in much like a lion this year, but I’m optimistic that we soon will see it gracefully exiting in a more lamb-like fashion. I feel as if I’m on the tail-end of a ruthless and never-ending winter–I am quite looking forward to the prophesied 60 degree temps. today!

Everywhere around me, change is taking place. Two of my brothers are due to become engaged to their respective dearies within the next two days, my brother David and his wife just announced that they are preparing to welcome a little girl into their lives (Ann is due the first week of August–five months left!), My baby sister is completing her application to college, and one week from today, Ben and I will (in part) know where we will be spending the next 5 years of our lives. LOTS going on, hey?

I am currently on spring break, and as I pause and reflect in the ample time available to me, I find myself quite preoccupied with the question of my future. No matter what happens or where we go, everything is sure to be alright…but what is going to happen and where will we be? I carefully dissect each possibly, mentally weighing the pros and cons, and although each option has undeniable fodder for future happiness, I feel apprehensive about the uncertainty of each of them.


Golly…I suppose it’s been about four months since last I wrote. Alack. Such is the nature of blogging. Fortunately, my temporary absence has been filled with memory making with my sweetheart, a welcome relief after three months of waiting for each short-lived visit.

Ben has now completed all his away rotations and interviews, and within the next two weeks we will have a clearer idea of what the next five years hold for us. Yikes. Match Day. We’ve been waiting for so long, but I’m afraid we’re becoming more anxious as the day comes closer. At present, we have quite a few options, (Michigan, Pennsylvania, D.C., Ohio, etc,.) but the reality of how little we know can be pretty intimidating.

On the plus side, it has been heaven spending so much time together these last few months. Everything is better when Ben is home, and I feel as if I’ve never been happier. In the time since Ben has been back we’ve devoured much Chipotle, seen many movies, and exchanged several sappy glances–being together is simply the best.

Ben recently began a rotation that has him at the hospital every day (prior he had “home” work to do–much to my delight), and even having him away for some hours each day makes it all the more rewarding when he is home again. We are never going to have this time again…I hope we are making the most of it.

Crazy happiness