Waldorf St.

Sometimes life happens too fast for my short, little legs–it’s ketchup time.

We moved! We are now PA residents, and more specifically we are Pittsburgh-ians. We are slowly making our way through the initiation process (drivers licenses, designating large groups as “yinz”, becoming Great Eagle members, etc, etc,) but we continue to unashamedly balk at becoming Pirate fans. No one has egged our house yet, but I refrain from excessive optimism…

100% kidding about the house-egging–we live in a pretty great neighborhood. The day we moved in our 50-something neighbor from across the street helped us move ALL of our furniture into our apartment–he even offered us dinner. An equally delightful little old lady called “hello” and matronly tsked at my armful of boxes. “Don’t you know that’s what your fella is for??” All in all, a pretty great place to be.

After approximately seven days of tireless endeavor, our apartment is finally presentable. There are still a few undone tasks remaining, but for the most part I’d feel pretty confident about inviting the missionaries over for dinner. Can’t invite anyone else though–only have two chairs + a desk and an IKEA cast-off.

After living in our previous, teeny apartment, the new place feels quite luxurious. If we’re mad we can actually find another place in  the house to sulk (by we I mean me) without fear of interruption. Thanks to a truly innovative app we were able to measure the square footage of our new place, and even though it’s only 200 square feet larger than our previous apartment, those extra feet are making quite a difference. Especially as we no longer have the convenience of my parents basement to store our extraneous belongings–we now actually have enough room in our own space to store our own junk–crazy, right??

Ben only has 5 days left before he starts orientation/training. It has been incredible having so much free time together, but a busy Ben is a happy Ben. C’est la vie.