We officially moved into our new apartment. In July. Five months ago. I am still puttering around and arranging (and re-arranging) things, but it feels pleasant enough. Maybe a bit bare, but homey.

Benjamin is busy as always. During my lapse in blogging he studied and passed a very taxing exam–hallelujah. This particular exam caused significant stress to both of us, and I’m tickled as punch that it is OVER. Now we just have to start the process over as Ben prepares for his next colossal exam. <sigh>

Fall was lovely this year. The colors persisted, and even though it’s halfway through November, we have yet to experience any snowfall. Once the snow begins, it’s here to stay until March or April. I found a lovely book at a used bookstore, titled, Impressionists in Winter: Effet de Neige. I am hopeful that it might help me survive the winter ahead.

I am employed at a Montessori school now, and it is a lovely fit for me. I work with infants and toddlers, and not even the endless stream of runny noses and sticky hands can deter my love for the environment. I am happy to have found such a good fit.

I’ll endeavor to update more as time marches on. Blogging makes me quite happy. Sometimes it’s just difficult to find the words, I suppose.